The Basic Differences Between a Sewer Line and A Water Line By Orange County Plumbing

The fundamental differences between the sewer line and the waterline are not that clear to the people unrelated to Orange County Plumbing Specifically, the newbie has no ideas about the differences. The only difference they understand is that the words sewer and water are different. Ridiculous, isn’t it? The other name of the plumbing industry is “conveyances .”A valid reason is there behind this name. The pipes convey or move solids and liquids from one place to another.

Sewer Lines

The function of the sewer is to convey the solid and liquid waste from a place where it is not accepted to another location where it will be managed or disposed of. Another name for sewer lines is “building drains” inside your home. Outside of your home, it is called the “house drains.”

But we will only use “sewers” in this article. The function of your sewer line is to transmit any kinds of solid wastes and gray waters to a personal or private sewage treatment plant or a public sewage treatment plant, for example, in the septic system. The septic tanks are produced from galvanized steel, cast iron, vitrified clay, ABS Plastic, PVC plastic, etc.

Here the wastes are the waste, and water directly comes from a toilet—besides the dirty water from washing dishes from the kitchen sink. Moreover, the water that comes from the washing machine or washing paint tools from any laundry tub. Water from the shower, lavatory drain water, etc., included in the list of wastewaters. All of the water sources together are categorized as sewage.

Know More About Sewer Lines

To transmit them for the processing in the sewer lines, State Plumbing Codes are an essential requirement. In addition, there is other wastewater. But it is not filthy. So, it is labeled as “clear water waste.” The source of these waters is coil coolers, air conditioners, in-line humidifiers, etc. These waters are accepted as no need to be managed and released into the sewer system.

Directly the water can take to any water reservoir or other groundwater source. The water is now released into the drainage system of storms. All processes are done entirely under notable observation so that any external influence does not harm the process. The safety of the central sewer system of the city is maintained correctly, which does not let the system fail at any cost and provides the people with the best services so far.

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Conversely, discussions on water lines are entertaining topics. In the business case, water lines are called the “potable water lines.” The function of these pipes is to transmit clean water from private water sources like water wells or the suppliers of municipalities in your home or the entire building. A water meter is included with the water supply system of the city.

The meter is situated precisely where the water enters any building. It is needed to be very careful to protect the lines from the sewer lines’ cross-connection and any kinds of contamination. There are a lot of chances to cross the water lines and sewer lines. So, it is a must not make mistakes. Otherwise, there will be a disaster.

To avoid the issues, as the homeowner or the inhabitant of a building, you can surely ask to see the State Plumbing License of the plumber who will come to handle the plumbing issues of your building. Every plumber has a separate plumbing license. Please don’t mix it up with the plumbing Contractor’s license. These two are entirely different things.

Know About Water Line

Water lines directly provide water to the essential places of your home where you need it. Water goes to places like the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, water heaters, dishwasher, faucets to drink and cook, and in your toilet too. The fittings of water lines are made from various metals and materials. Approval needs from the state plumbing code authorities to use the materials. Such as brass, copper, galvanized steel, pex or polyethylene, stainless steel, and mixtures of other materials.

The restrictions are given to save the people from the poisonous effects of materials like lead and other dangerous elements. A licensed plumber cannot install these prohibited materials. Of course, the law is enforced to provide you protection. A licensed plumber will know about all these, but a plumber with no license will not know the differences between different materials. Thus, the water conveying system is protected from any doubt. You and your family members can use the water without any worry.

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Closing Remarks 

The primary difference between a sewer line and a water line is that water lines are related to water circulation in your home. A sewer line is the removal of solid and liquid waste from your home to a safe source, either public or private.

Licensed plumbing companies in Orange County plumbing have detailed knowledge in this regard. From their years of plumbing experience, they can provide necessary information about the sewer and water lines to the people. Besides completing their plumbing responsibilities and providing the people a peaceful life, it is a side task.